Our Mission

To facilitate public and private partnerships to promote business growth and enrich communities.

Our Vision

The Vision of ACCORD Community First is simple:

“To impact communities and business through progressive and strategic alliances.”

Our History

ACCORD was honored with a Certificate of Recognition from Congresswoman Laura Richardson, Senator Alan Lowenthol, Senator Roderick Wright, Assembly member Bonnie Lowenthol, Assembly member Isadore Hall, III, and Councilwoman Gerri Shipske.

ACCORD receives a special Certificate of Resolution from Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe expressing support for ACCORD’s efforts to help sustain our workforce.

ACCORD Community Development Awards recognizes Secretary Hilda Solis, U.S. Department of Labor, Mayor Bob Foster, City of Long Beach and other extraordinary individuals for their commitment to Workforce Development in Southern California.

The Utility Workers Union of America takes great pride in helping create a new career path to good full-time, permanent jobs for current and future members right here in Southern California. Through this ACCORD Community First workforce development program, hundreds of well-trained, hard-working, highly productive utility workers will be able to contribute to the economic life of their communities