Board Of Directors

ACCORD’s Board of Director’s represent a cross-section of business professionals and community leaders.

Larry Uyeda

Larry Uyeda
JCA Resources, Inc., President/CEO

ACCORD – Chairman of the Board

Mr. Uyeda serves as Chief Executive Officer for ACCORD Community First. His leadership and background in industry provides ACCORD and its business division with experienced direction and management. His extensive private and public-sector knowledge and corporate management skills bring a unique leadership style to the ACCORD management team. Mr. Uyeda provides a crucial link to education, job opportunities, and a workplace reality when working with ACCORD clients, programs, industry job placement, grant/funding, and sponsorship opportunities. Mr. Uyeda states, “Training is a positive goal, but if client employment is not an end result, these important workforce development programs do not sustain themselves. ACCORD is committed to job placement.”

Mr. Uyeda brings more than 35 years of experience involving acquisition, development, financing, construction, architecture, marketing, and sales of a wide variety of real estate and investment products. His past activities cover business in the United States, Japan, China, and Mexico related to trade, joint ventures, telecommunications, and real estate. Developments include properties such as the Long Beach World Trade Center and the Hilton Hotel complex in Long Beach, California; the development of more than 2.5 million sq ft of commercial properties; 2500+ units of apartment / residential; and 700,000 sq ft of retail. Mr. Uyeda’s active involvement in non-profits along with his management and business development expertise from previously held corporate positions bring depth and expertise of project management and program support. Mr. Uyeda served with the United States Marine Corps., attended the University of California, Los Angeles, graduated from California State University, Fullerton, and is a certified Public Accountant in California.

David Zanatta – JCA Resources, Inc.

David Zanatta
JCA Resources, Inc., Vice President

ACCord – Board President and Secretary

Mr. Zanatta’s background spans more than 30 years of corporate marketing and communications, covering international trade, marketing, public affairs, public relations and communication positions in the Public and Private sectors. He brings a depth through previous positions in real estate, media, publishing, trade and maritime expertise on both the East and West coast. Mr. Zanatta is presently, Executive Vice President of JCA Resources, Inc. a Commercial Real Estate Corporation in Long Beach, California.

Mr. Zanatta is actively involved in the community and has a passion for servicing veterans, young adults, disadvantaged populations and the homeless. He serves as the Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Marine for the City of Long Beach California, as well as numerous non-profit and charitable boards throughout northern and southern counties, industry and local communities. He brings a valued background of corporate marketing and non-profit promotion and fund development experience to ACCORD and its workforce, veteran, young adult and transition programs.


Lynn Adkins
Adkins Consulting – Southern California Edison, Retired

ACCord – Board Vice President

Mr. Adkins retired from the Southern California Edison Company where he served the company for more than 35 years. Mr. Adkins served in key positions across the company during his tenure; Manager for Corporate Communications, representing the EDISON Company throughout the United States, working with both the Public and Private sectors; Manager of Edison’s General Office Complex in Rosemead, responsible for the restoration of the general office buildings after the Whittier Narrows earthquake; Manager of the Medical Department and the Southern California Edison (SCE) health plan for SCE employees; Manager of Personnel; Public Affairs as the liaison to the City and County of Los Angeles, the Metro Region and Sacramento office; all culminating in the position of Chief of Staff to the President of Southern California Edison.

Mr. Adkins brings to ACCORD and its community and business divisions a vast knowledge of the region and a network throughout California in the Public Affairs arena. He continues to serve on many City, County and Non-profit boards in Southern California and United States and is committed to helping California’s workforce continue to provide quality, sustainable jobs in the region.


Stephen Hall
Stephen Hall & Associates, President

ACCORD – Board Member

Stephen Hall is the second-generation President of the highly respected Glendale family tax consulting firm of Stephen Hall & Associates. Stephen is an Enrolled Agent, a federally licensed tax practitioner, with technical expertise in all fields of taxation. He is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers for audits, collections and appeals before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service.

Stephen Hall brings a depth of fiscal management and contractual oversight to ACCORD and its programs. He has a passion for serving those less fortunate and is firmly committed to helping small business in California build capacity to support the workforce programs of ACCORD. His reputation and years in business serve as a conduit to bridge the skills-gap of matching qualified workforce to the business community. Mr. Hall brings an expertise to the Board and programs of small business needs. He represents, and prepares tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and non-profits. The firm specializes in Real Estate, Small Business, Healthcare, Entertainment, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Education, Hospitality, and Entrepreneur/Start-ups which provide a vast network to ACCORD.

Mr. Hall received his degree in Finance from USC and is recognized as a FELLOW by the National Association of Enrolled Agents. He is a member of the National Tax Practice Institute and the California Association of Enrolled Agents, along with numerous other organizations. As a Board Member, Steven Hall brings to ACCORD a discipline and expertise in the accounting and tax fields which assists ACCORD in strict compliance in keeping grants and program opportunities up-to-date and qualified for all requirements needed by the non-profit.


Brian Keith Tochi
Tochi Enterprises

ACCORD – Board Member

For many years, Mr. Tochi has been dedicated to the business of Philanthropy, Entertainment, Education & Television and Film Production. Among his many successes within the Entertainment Industry, are projects rooted in Television News and Education. Early in Mr. Tochi’s career he earned his own national network television series on CBS, produced by the same award-winning production team behind the famed “60 Minutes.” For several years, Mr. Tochi hosted and starred in this Emmy winning show on CBS, focusing on news, education and current events.

Mr. Tochi has a passion for education and servicing the community and brings to the ACCORD programs a vast network of public/private and entertainment networks. One of his high-profile endeavors was the $240 million start-up with Time/Warner & Whittle Communications. Mr. Tochi was part of the core team that created & developed the cutting-edge educational news program “Channel One,” and was front and center in orchestrating its success. It soon became a multi-award-winning juggernaut, broadcasting to a national daily viewership ranging from 8.5 to 12 million Jr. High and High Schools nationally. Applying his knowledge of the industry behind the camera, Mr. Tochi joined the film development & funding outfit, Lion Star Entertainment Group, as its Executive Vice President, quickly rising to the top, becoming President of the Company. Mr. Tochi co-funded, directed and produced “Road Rules 2 Success”, a groundbreaking educational interactive which melds film, story-driven entertainment with innovative educational tools for today’s youth. Film & television audiences know Brian as the on-camera star of several hit films, a collection of six television series, theater, and a multitude of guest-starring and co-starring roles in episodic television.

As a recognized personality in the entertainment industry, Mr. Tochi continues to utilize his influence to help facilitate philanthropic endeavors, and forward educational based projects benefiting those who are disadvantaged and in need. Mr. Tochi brings a commitment to the ACCORD Board as an industry expert with a vast network to promote, advance and highlight the success of our educational and training programs.