Growth Happens

But only if you plan for it

ACCORD Community First and its affiliate partners, Workforce Edge and the California Economic Council have teamed up to bring training programs that offset the costs to employers for on-site training with state funds.

This includes practical hands-on training and lab-lecture instruction on-site at employer locations.

List of Training Topics
Find out if your company is eligible

State Funded Training Programs

Class work tasks are developed from specific employer work environments. Training is delivered by highly qualified industry experts…designed to meet the needs of employers for skilled workers and the need of workers for good, long-term jobs!

Funding is available to:

  • Provide employees with training and opportunities for advancement;
  • Assist employers to successfully compete in the global economy; and
  • Promote the benefits and ongoing investment of training employers and their teams.

What is ETP?

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) is a California state agency created in 1983 as a cooperative business-labor program to retrain workers. ETP is the only training program in California that targets the retraining of currently employed workers.

All training is provided in a classroom setting or at your worksite for groups of up to 20 students. Training schedules are flexible to accommodate your work schedule. Classroom training is completed by practical, hands-on training done on the job

Why Use as your ETP resource?

Our team of business professionals are industry experts dedicated to working with companies state-wide to increase their competitive advantage and accelerate the success of California’s small businesses.

  • Flexible: Customized workshops range from 8 to 60 hours
  • Convenient:     Training can be conducted at your location
  • Bottom-line:     Increase productivity and performance

Who is Eligible?

The employees must be:

  • Full-time employees working 35 hours or more per week
  • Earning the ETP minimum wage standard which varies by county and can include employer-paid health care benefits

How Does My Company Qualify?

Companies that want to take advantage of this program must be:

  • California employers that pay into the Unemployment Insurance Fund
  • Manufacturers and companies that “face out-of-state competition”.

ETP as a Funding Source

ETP provides up to $120 million in job training funds annually to employers throughout the state. The source of these monies is the Employment Training Fund (one-tenth of one percent of the subject unemployment insurance wages paid by every private, for-profit employer in the state).

How we save small businesses time and money.

  • Convenience – Our team understands time constraints. We work directly with local funding partners as well as the State of California Employment Training Panel to provide customized training to eligible employers throughout the state.
  • Saving time and resources – Avoid contract development, tracking hours and capturing data…let us handle this. We understand what it takes and work collaboratively with the state as well as a consortium of partners.
  • Our success is tied to your success! There are a number of time and money-consuming training-related tasks that we handle for our selected employers!

These include:


Developing Training Plans and Curriculum

Trainers meet with internal trainers, managers and others to customize the curriculum to meet company requirements. Curriculum topics include:

• Management/Leadership
• Teambuilding
• Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution
• Business Skills-Customer Service
• Computer Skills
• Manufacturing/Continuous Improvement
• Effective Communication and Workplace Skills
• Finance and Sales/Marketing
• Lean Practices

Facilitating the Selection of the Trainer(s)

We have a team of qualified trainers, each with years of experience in their respective areas of expertise. There is no need for employers to conduct a time-consuming talent search to find qualified trainers. We have industry experts in each skill area.

Providing Course Materials and Manuals

Once we finalize customized training materials, we then have them reproduced so that each participant has a complete set of the materials to be trained. The cost of both the preparation and the reproduction of these materials is usually covered by us. However, highly specialized or technological courses may require an employer contribution to offset the costs.

Performing All Administrative Tasks

We are your liaison and handle administrative tasks. As you know, government contracts require documentation and detailed paperwork. ETP contracts are no exception. We take pride in our service and handle the entire process, including attendance rosters, enrollment records, reporting attendance, class make-up forms, expense reports, and 90-day retention records, to name a few. We strive to use minimal time from the employer to complete these tasks.