California Workforce Association (CWA) Training Topics

We are passionate in supporting America’s Job Centers, Businesses and Non-profit Organizations committed to accelerating self-sufficiency in the lives of veterans, young adults, minority and hard-to-serve populations.

We do this through initiatives, consultation services, training and grant/program management support.

Professional Training and Consulting Services

ACCORD supports the workforce system to:

  • Provide tailored training that will increase capacity and foster demand-driven skills attainment
  • Educate on tools, trends and best-practices that enable programs to design services that support upward mobility for those with barriers to employment
  • Increase support of employer’s need for services and training that address skills-gaps
  • Build capacity to ensure alignment, coordination and integration of partners, program design and services by braiding workforce, partners and education programs.
Specialized Topics Tailored to your Needs:

Consulting and Workshops with your needs in mind!

ACCORD Community First (ACCORD) and its Economic and Business Division, Workforce Edge is committed to promote business and economic growth while enriching the lives of the communities we serve. Rooted in the comprehensive integration of resources, partnerships and best-practices, ACCORD and Workforce Edge delivers consulting services and training that supports development of a skilled workforce, accelerates program deliverables for America’s Job Centers and technical services to community partners to meet the ever-changing needs of the community and small business employers.

Board Development Topics 

Alignment of Workforce Investment, Education, & Economic Development 

Building an Effective Board 

Consulting Service: Local Strategic Planning (Alignment with State Standards)

Grant Writing and RFP 101

Regional Strategic Planning

Sector Strategy Development (Board or AJCC Focus)

Professional Development Topics

Bridging Internal and External Customer Service

Case Management and Job Retention

Conflict Resolution

Customer Service Excellence Model

Effective Communication Skills

Goal Setting

 Management Processes

New Time Management Strategies

Performance and Personnel Management

Soft Skills Development 

Stress Management

Transferrable Skills

Performance & Capacity Building Topics

Building a Stellar Business Service Team 

Career and Job Development Techniques

Labor Market Information to Increase Competitiveness and Performance

Marketing and Branding YOU

Organizational Development

Strategic Planning

Social Media Marketing for Organizations and Small Business

Team Building Techniques

Consulting/Training Services

Please email us for specialized groups or larger class sizes than specified. We are happy to accommodate!