Hi, my name is Robert Carreno. I currently work for the Gas Company as a part time meter reader. Before this I worked for the US Postal Service for 22+ years but I left the Postal Service to pursue a chance to make more money in the real estate market. As we all know, the real estate market took a turn for the worse. A friend of mine informed me the gas company was hiring and there were many opportunities to advance within the company. I decided to apply and got hired with the gas company. This was a huge gamble for me since I was beginning a new career at my age. I was excited once I got hired but then “AMI” came into the picture and promotional opportunities went away until the Gas Company and the Union could reach some type of agreement.

When I heard about the training, I thought this would be a great opportunity to take full advantage so I can advance within the company. I attended an orientation and met with Yvonne Elizondo who explained the course and she was there every step of the way to help me enroll into college. At first, I didn’t know if I could make it because looking in the room, most of my peers were half-my age, but Yvonne ensured me I could do it and probably show-up the younger ones that this “old” man still has what it takes to get promoted. Once I set my mind to it, I knew I could succeed. I have always had an interest in Basic Electric courses so I can gain knowledge of electricity and to aid me in procuring a fulltime position with the Gas Company. I began my Electric courses September 13th with David Robinson, instructor at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (LATTC).

At first the course was tough; David is a no-nonsense type of person. He only did it because he wanted us to be perfectionists and to be the best in the field of electricity. The course moved fast but I kept up and I ended up assisting my fellow peers with their work. Everyone kept asking me how I could catch on so fast. I felt proud and then I realized, yes I can achieve anything. I have felt privileged for having such a great instructor and taking the time to expand my knowledge with electricity. Today, I am proficient in the wiring of common electric systems as well as, conduit bending, low voltage wiring, and proper use and care of hand and power tools used in the electric trade. More importantly, David Robinson instilled the importance of Safety and Hazardous rules and regulations. I am proud to say I have ample knowledge and application of these rules.

By having the certificate of completion I know will open the doors to opportunity within the Gas Company. The Basic Electric class was very informative and I really learned a lot about electricity. Learning about electricity with fellow Gas Company employees made the work much easier to grasp. I gained knowledge in electricity and new friends with common interest. Because of this experience I have decided to apply for the ETR position which just opened up. I feel confident the course in basic electric will enhance my chances of getting hired full-time. Besides applying for a full-time position, I also applied to be a Shop Steward at my home base. I have learned so much about the union within the last few months thanks to our newly elect president Art Frias and having Yvonne Elizondo following up with us.

I would definitely recommend the Basic Electric course to anyone wanting to expand his or her knowledge about electricity.