I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the learning experience I recently accomplished at L.A.T.T.C. enhancing my current skills. Giving me the needed edge to be promoted to a full-time position as an Energy Technician, Residential (ETR) within the Gas Company. My name is Mark Cervantes I’m married and a father to a thirteen-month old toddler. As a husband and father I knew the importance of supporting my family and being responsible. After losing my own business due to the crippling economy. I didn’t want a job but a career that I can be proud of. I found part-time work as a meter reader at the Gas Co. I have been a member of the Local 132 since Jan ’09. I wanted and needed a full-time position and when The Local 132 announced they had partnered with ACCORD for some training opportunities I took full advantage.

I attended the Orientation ACCORD was hosting and met with Yvonne Elizondo. This opportunity was exactly what I was searching for. Even though I live in the Inland Empire, I was determined to attend the classes in Los Angeles at LATTC. Yvonne assisted me with all the necessary enrollment papers and my classes began soon after.

My instructor, Willie Galvin was unbelievable, very knowledgeable and well qualified. Not only was he compassionate with his course he also took the time to research what skills were needed for us so we can be promoted within the company. Everything he taught was work-related. Mr. Galvin started with a brush up on basic algebra At first, all of us including myself were a bit rusty in our math and Mr. Galvin spent a whole week catching us up to the necessary math skills needed as a Plumbing Technician. Once we mastered our math we were able to move on to instructional learning as well as hands-on learning skills. We started learning the importance of safety and hazardous rules and regulations. Mr. Galvin made sure we all understood the importance of these rules. I now have a stronger skill set to service, construct, and properly maintain gas appliances, such as water heaters, wall furnaces and Floor furnaces. The hands-on training was especially rewarding because we got first-hand knowledge on the various types of gas appliances that we will be working with on a day-to-day basis, such as leak detection, CO testing, and proper venting. Willie also taught us the importance of Customer Service and even though you might be great at a job, you still need to have the necessary skills to deal with people.

Given the opportunity to interview for a full time position as an energy technician, residential (ETR) with the Gas Co. I was recently hired and I am currently going through further training with the company. This was my dream to be employed full time with the Gas Co. I’m very grateful for everything that was given to me. Yvonne reminded me, they opened the door, but it was me who was able to walk through it. I’m on my way to success. Thank you.