Larry Uyeda

Mr. Uyeda serves as Executive Director for ACCORD Community First. His leadership and background in industry provides ACCORD with experienced direction and management. His extensive private and public sector knowledge and corporate management skills bring a unique leadership style to the ACCORD Management Team. Mr. Uyeda provides a crucial link to education, job opportunities, and a workplace reality when working with ACCORD clients, programs, industry job placement, grant/funding, and sponsorship opportunities. Mr. Uyeda states, “Training is a positive goal, but if client employment is not an end result, these important workforce development programs do not sustain themselves. ACCORD is committed to job placement.”

Mr. Uyeda brings more than 35 years of experience involving acquisition, development, financing, construction, architecture, marketing, and sales of a wide variety of real estate and investment products. His past activities cover business in the U.S., Japan, China, and Mexico related to trade, joint ventures, telecommunications, and real estate. Developments include properties such as the Long Beach World Trade Center and Hilton Hotel complex in Long Beach, California; the development of more than 2.5 million sq ft of commercial properties; 2500+ units of apartment / residential; and 700,000 sq ft of retail. Mr. Uyeda’s active involvement in non-profits along with his management expertise from past corporate positions highly benefit the ACCORD Management Team. Mr. Uyeda served with the U.S. Marine Corps., attended the University of California, Los Angeles, graduated from California State University, Fullerton, and is a certified Public Accountant in California.